Embroidery Division

Our embroidery is of the highest quality

We would like to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Orient Group General Trading & Contracting Co. (OG-Embroidery/Uniforms division).
Orient Group General Trading & Contracting Company is committed to the consistent pursuit of excellence and continuous dedication in improving its business
to provide clients with products, services that fully comply with their requirements.

Highest quality


Our embroidery is of the highest quality. Our attention to detail is second to none. The end result for you is, top-of-the-line, state of the art,
cream of the crop embroidery. In other words our embroidery is pretty “darn” good. Plus our prices are much lower than the quality warrants.
There is no minimum order quantity. We want you to look good without paying a fortune.

Embroidered apparel is an excellent way of promoting your business. It is less expensive than many other forms of advertising and it lasts.
Every time someone is wearing your company logo they are promoting your business, at the supermarket, on the golf course, everywhere they go.
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What Is Digitizing?

Obviously, the term digitizing can be a little confusing. The word relates to how we write the software that can interpret your design and convert graphical images into embroidery stitches that can then be understood and ultimately sewn by an embroidery machine. We are often asked if a scanned image can be sewn. The answer is “no”. We do have to convert it to an embroidery format first.

We use the latest and greatest in digitizing software. In our digitizing we optimize the design for performance and visual appeal and we strive to match your requirements as closely as possible.

Our in-house digitizing service will ensure an accurate reproduction of your design.

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