Trading Division

Hardware and Manufacturer

High & Medium Voltage PVC / XLPE Insulated Armoured Power Cables Low Voltage PVC / PVC and PVC Flexible Cables Rubber Flexible ables single Core wires, Coaxial Cables, Data Cables CAT 5/6, fibre Optic Cables.

Brand: Gulf Cable, Jordan Gulf, Oman Cable, Belden, Top Cable, Optronics, Linnet, 3M, Hubble.

Weather Proof Halogen, Metal Halide & Sodium fittings, Lowbay & Highbay fittings, Hazardous Area Fittings. Weather Proof Fluorescent Fittings, Street Fittings Batten, Louvre, Recessed Fluorescent Fittings. Including all types of Lamps standard, Photo optic & Medical Lamps.

Brand: Philips, Deco, Osram, Fitzgerald, Tamelite, Atlantis, Dolphin, GE, Neptune.

Main and Submain Distribution Boards, Consumer Distribution Boards, Change over switches, A.T.S Panels.

Brand: Hager, GCG, Cutler Hammer, Bill, Eletra, Telegron, C&S, Square D.

Air circuit Breakers, MCCB’s, MCB’s, Main Switches, Isolators, Transformers, RCCB, RCBO, Contractors, Relays, Phase Failures, Industrial Plugs & Sockets, Earth Rod Sets, Copper Tapes, Digital & Analog Millimetres, Clamp Meters & Insulation Testers etc.

Brand: Cutler Hammer, Merlin Gerin, Square D, Legrand, ABB, Hager, GE, Furse, Hioki, Lewden.

GI & PVC Conduit Pipes, Switches, Sockets Dimmer Switches, Concealed & surface boxes ceiling accessories, Shaver sockets, Industrial & Indoor Ventilating Fans, Ceiling, Wall & Pedestal Fans, etc.

Brand: Legrand, MK, BG, Scame, Edison, Crabtree, Volex, Tenby, Adsani, Khorafi Plastics, Usha, Panasonic, KDK, Shams, Sinar, Deta, Contactum.

Plasma, LCD, Washing Machines, Microwaves, Fridges, HIFI Systems, Computers with Keyboard & Mouse, Laptops, Printers, Plotters, Digital Sender ,GPS Navigation, GPS Systems etc.

AC Refrigeration, Air Treatment, Blowers, Central Equipment, Controls, Exhaust Fans, Exterior Products, Fans, Misting Fans, Filters, Heating Equipment, Ventilators, Duct Tapes.

Marine, Commercial & Industrial Oils.

Spare Parts, Tyres, Filters, Run flats.

SS Steel, Mild steel, Aluminum, Steel Studs, etc.

Chemical, Circulation, Connectors & Seals, Controls, Drum & Barrel, Filtration, Portable fire, Pumps, Fittings, Fixtures Gear, Generators, High Pressure hoses, pipe & Tubing, Pool & Spa, Pump Accessories, Sump & sewage, Transfer, Valves & Wells.

Gravel, Gatch, Fluid Synthetic Organic, Joint Sealant Concrete (Penetron 4037), Penetron 4037 clean out Fluid, Liquid Sealant (Exposit SB, Curing Compound. (UV Safe Seal), Asphalt Emulsified, Asphalt Cold Patch, Barafos, Ben Seal, Quickgel, Quick Grout, EZ-Seal, E-Z Mud, S-40 Activator, Expanding Foam, Soil Stabilizer, Concrete Hardener & dust Proofing Compound, etc.

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From Two-way Radios to complete Telephone, Exchanges/Switches & Satellites & All Possible Communications Equipment, Radio Towers, Computer network Design & Installation.

Adhesive Labels, Ball Pen & accessories, Pencils, Binder Accessories, Calculator, Hanging File, Manila Folder, Folder Divider, Clips & Fasteners, Correction Pens, Desk Accessories, A4 size Paper, Photocopy Paper (Different Sizes), Permanent Markers, Non- Permanent Markers, etc

High Back chair, Low Back Chair, Arm chair, Wardrobe, Night Stand, Bunk Bed, Twin Size Bed, Conference Table, Office Desk, Wooden Desk, Dining Table, etc.

Nails (Various sizes), Blind Hinges, Bolts, Pulleys, Locks, Cords, Door hangers, Strap Hinges, Cupboard Catches, Hooks, Screws, Sandpaper, etc.

Tower Lights, Generators, Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Pressure Washers.

Infusion Pumps, Defibrillator, Dressing cart, Oxygen Cylinder, Thermometer, Stretcher, etc.

Styrofoam, Polystyrene, Polyurethane, Fiberglass, etc.

Management Skilled, Semi Skilled & Unskilled personnel.

Forklifts, Cranes, Transportation Trucks, Coaster Buses, etc.

Visiting Cards, Bill Books & Letterhead, Brouchuers, posters & Banners, Sticker & Stamps, Sign Board, Gift Items Printing, Embroidery on Coverall, T-shirt, Caps etc.

Laptop Repair, TV Repair, Printer Repair, Washing Machine, Fridge, AC Maintenance & Repair, vehicles.

  • Custodial Services
  • Consumable Water Supplies
  • Healthcare
  • Reefer Refrigeration Carriers
  • ISO Containers 20 & 40 FT, Earth Moving / Construction Equipment
  • Spare Parts


  • Mobile Living Units
  • Mobile Laundry Units
  • Mobile Dining Units
  • Mobile Shower Units
  • Mobile Latrine Units
  • Mobile Wet & dry Units
  • Mobile Stackable Units
  • Mobile Hospitals
  • Mobile Fire Station
  • Mobile Workshops


  • Open Hall Units
  • Guard Towers
  • Laundry Units
  • Kitchen Units
  • Ablution Units
  • Living Units
  • Wet & Dry Units
  • Shower Units
  • Latrine Units
  • Stackable Units
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